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Thousands of passengers flying in and out of Bali have been left stranded as Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas announced flight cancellations.

With Indonesia's Mount Agung volcano erupting for the second time this week, major Australian airlines weren't willing to risk flying through cloudy ash to reach their destination.

Yet had they known the origin of the meat they would have been sickened.' Ms White, Animals Australia's Director of Investigations, said the poisoning of dogs whose meat was sold as food posed obvious health risks.

'Incredibly poisoned meat is entering the food trade through the dog meat trade,' Ms White said.

'This is not about condemning a culture, it is about addressing unnecessary cruelty and seeking to transform a situation of unimaginable suffering into a positive outcome.'Dog eating in Bali was fuelled by a minority group who came to the island to work in the hospitality industry - it is not a Balinese practice.

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She added: 'This is a profoundly distressing situation.

Not only is the suffering of the dogs horrifying, tourists are unwittingly fuelling the trade.'Most tourists have no idea that the letters RW on the outside of popular street food stalls in Bali indicates that dog meat is being served.'In addition, mobile dog meat vendors are deliberately targeting tourists on beaches and are prepared to lie about the origin of the meat to get a sale.'Some people in Bali believe dog meat is a healthy alternative, and the belief that it increases male virility and its low cost has seen its popularity grow over the years.

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Horrifying footage shot by Animals Australia on the popular Indonesian island shows how dogs are caught with nooses, tied up and killed before their meat is sold as chicken satay sticks to tourists.'When we embarked on this investigation, we didn't have any idea that we would be documenting that dog meat is entering into tourist areas,' Animals Australia's Lyn White told the ABC's 7.30 program. not dog,' the man explained, showing the group of men a box labelled 'sate.' 'As long as it's not dog,' one tourist replied.

'We just know how deeply this will distress and shock tourists that have gone to Bali.'Disturbing footage aired on the program on Monday night showed one dog meat vendor approaching a group of Australian tourists at the popular Double Six Beach near Seminyak. When an Animals Australia investigator approached the vendor just moments later asking what he was selling, he replied: 'Dog satay.''This is why you have a picture of a dog here?

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'Aside from the cruelty, the greatest shock was to discover that tourists are unwittingly eating dog meat,' Luke told the broadcaster.

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